"My only regret is not going sooner!"

"I had been suffering from pain during intercourse and an over active bladder. I had seen several doctors and could get no answers. When I went to pelvic floor therapy I was nervous and didn’t truly understand what it entailed. Jana was patient, knowledgeable, and created a comfortable atmosphere for discussion and education about what was going on with my body. My only regret is not going sooner!"

“Very thorough care from Jana. She genuinely tries to make a difference in my health situation. Very skilled and knowledgeable therapist”

“My therapist, Jana, is compassionate and very knowledgeable...”

"During my very first visit with Doctor Richardson I was struck by her amazing gift for evoking trust—so vital to forming a healing relationship with a patient who has sensitive concerns. As a man seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist for the first time, I searched for months before finding her. And I am so deeply grateful that I did. Not only is she experienced and superbly credentialed—with a D.P.T. degree and certification as a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner—but she radiates a passion for empowering wellness. She is clinically astute, emotionally intelligent, and has the touch of a healer."

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